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Audits and inspections provide a record of the company’s performance, demonstrate that rules and/or policies have been established and enforced, and confirm that professionals train employees. The goal of a company’s health and safety program is protecting employee health and safety, complying with federal, state, and/or local programs and controlling direct and indirect costs (such as workers compensation).  




AM H&S’s professional staff possesses extensive knowledge of the health and safety regulations. Our professionals have skills in investigating, collecting the appropriate information, and interviewing personnel. AM H&S audit or inspection leaders possess certifications as safety professionals and/or industrial hygienist.  




Health and Safety Audits (Program or Regulatory Compliance)  


A health and safety audit provides a record of overall condition of facility and management systems/programs as well as the strength and weaknesses of these programs. Many times audits are conducted under attorney/client privilege, either for the company’s in-house legal department or outside counsel. A health and safety audit allows companies to examine their policies, practices, and actions regarding employee health and safety. Health and Safety audits also evaluate the financial impact of both direct and indirect costs to the company in issues such as workers compensation costs.




The elements and approach to the audit include:


Pre-audit data collection and review; Opening conference; In-house record review; Management interviews; Employee interviews; Facility walkthrough; Closing conference; Report; and Follow up.




Prior to the audit, a notification letter, along with a schedule for the audit, is provided to each facility manager.




The magnitude and extent of the audit can be a full-scale management and program audit, or an in-depth regulatory compliance audit, which focuses on specific or potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) non-compliance items.




Our health and safety professional team can provide a simulated OSHA inspection of the client’s facility, which can include an opening conference with management and labor. The typical inspection entails a walk through of the facility, records review, limited employee interviews, closing conference, and a detailed written report with findings, checklist and recommendations referenced to the applicable OSHA standard. An option of a formal presentation can be provided as well.